Drills to Improve Reaction Time in Hockey With a Partner

In this post, we're sharing a list of exercises that hockey players can perform with a partner to improve their reaction time and reflexes.

By Megan O'Connell
Edited by Tom Amitay

Published February 13, 2021.

We've already shared solo drills for improving reaction time in hockey. But hockey is a team sport, so in this post, we're going to share a few new drills that hockey players can perform with a partner.

Ball Drop and Sprint

  • Have a partner stand approximately 5 meters away with a tennis ball in hand.
  • Stand in an athletic position, ready to sprint forward.
  • Your partner should hold the ball at shoulder-level with an outstretched arm.
  • Without giving any indication of when, your partner should drop the ball to the ground.
  • You will need to react quickly, sprinting forward to catch the ball before it bounces for a second time.

Partner Mirror Run

  • Have a partner stand approximately 1 meter next to you.
  • Your partner should perform 30 seconds of forward and backwards sprinting, alternating between moving forward, pausing and moving backward with speed.
  • You will need to be agile and react quickly, copying every move that your partner makes for the full 30 seconds.
  • This drill should be repeated at least 4 times.

Shuffle Catches

  • Set up 2 cones, approximately 5 meters apart.
  • Have a partner stand approximately 2 meters away, forming a triangle with the cones.
  • Start the drill by shuffling from one cone to the other for a continuous period of 30 seconds.
  • Your partner has to throw a tennis ball at you, while you move from side to side.
  • You will need to react quickly and catch the ball while maintaining your side to side shuffle.
  • Repeat the drill at least 4 times.

Performing exercises and hockey drills with a partner help to make your training session more fun and engaging, while allowing you to perform a larger variety of drills. So, grab a friend and give these drills a go!